Prepare for Salesforce ‘Community Cloud Consultant’ Exam

In the past, I was involved in old school Customer/Partner portal implementation and Community implementation using Sites, Visualforce Pages, Tabs. Salesforce Community features and functionalities are growing with every release. So, I decided to brush up my knowledge base and go for the Community Cloud Consultant exam.

Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant is an optional domain designer certification in the Certified Application Architect (Domain Architect) track. But it will be part of Technical Architect Review Board Exam. The full exam details can be found here. In this post I’ll provide my general thoughts on the content of the exam.

Credential Overview:

The Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant credential is designed for those who have experience implementing and consulting on the Salesforce Communities applications in a customer-facing role.

Study Material:

Study Guide — (Spring ’17)

The questions are scenario based and challenging which will really test your Salesforce knowledge not just for Community functionalities. It had tricky and straightforward questions and was on par in terms of difficulty level as compared to other Salesforce Implementation Expert Certifications.

Make sure you have a good understanding of the following core areas:

  • Implementation,
  • Sharing and Security,
  • Community Setup,
  • Community Builder,
  • Community Management

The most important topics that you must be well versed with to pass the exam:

  • Community Licenses and Limits
  • Sharing options in Communities: Roles, Sharing Sets, Sharing Groups, Super User, Internal and External sharing model
  • Knowledge Articles w.r.t Communities: Article set-up, visibility, Article Votes, Trending Articles
  • Templates: Napili template functionalities, best template to use on given scenario
  • Community Builder for branding: logo, color etc
  • Navigation within Community: Navigation Menu, Tabs
  • Communities access on Mobile: Salesforce1 vs Mobile browser
  • Moderation and it’s capabilities
  • Reputation points and levels
  • Set-up multi-language support in Community
  • Community Access: Authenticated vs Guest User
  • Login requirements: Single Sign-on, Social Sign-on
  • Topics
  • User Provisioning: Partner and Community Users
  • Community features roll out strategy
  • Lightning Components in Community: available lightning components in Home page
  • Live Agent set-up with Communities

Search for the above topics in Salesforce Help and Training or Google them and you will find lots of articles on concept, implementation and best practices. I hope this blog will give you some pointers to get started and help you in your exam preparation. Good Luck!

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