Prepare for Salesforce ‘Integration Architecture Designer’ Exam

This was my second Salesforce Architect Domain Certification. This is one of the toughest Salesforce exams that I have experienced so far. The full exam details can be found here. In this post I’ll provide my general thoughts on the content of the exam.

Credential Overview:

The Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer credential is designed for those who assess the architecture environment and requirements and design sound and scalable technical solutions on the platform that meet end-to-end integration requirements.

Study Material:

Study Guide — (Spring ’17)

The Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the following objectives:

  • Salesforce Integration Capabilities
  • Salesforce Integration Patterns
  • Enterprise Integration Architecture Concepts
  • Salesforce Integration Testing
  • Tools, techniques to peak performance
  • Recommend approaches/best practices for integration challenges

The exam had multiple scenario based questions where you need to choose the right integration pattern for the given set of criteria. Many a times you will feel that all options are correct. For those kind of questions, reduce your choices by following the elimination techniques.

Focus on the following important topics:

  • Apex REST Services
  • Apex Callout
  • Bulk API: LDV Considerations (serial, parallel)
  • Outbound Messaging and its capabilities, limitations
  • Salesforce Lightning Connect
  • Manage Duplicate Records: Duplicate prevention, De-duplication tools and mechanisms
  • Named Credential
  • Middleware, ETL
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Salesforce to Salesforce
  • External Id consideration
  • Testing consideration on a given scenario (UAT, Performance, Regression)
  • Partner WSDL and Enterprise WSDL
  • CA signed certificates, SSL certificates, Base64 encoding
  • Types of API: REST vs SOAP vs Streaming
  • Chatter Rest API
  • Salesforce Canvas
  • Web Mash-up
  • External Object
  • Avoid Record Lock Scenarios and Performance Issues

Following documents, blogs, white-papers helped me in my exam preparation:

Good Luck!

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