Prepare for Salesforce ‘Mobile Solution Architecture Designer’ Exam

I recently passed the Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer exam, the final one in the domain architect track list. If you have hands-on experience in working with Salesforce1 and developing native/hybrid mobile apps using Salesforce Mobile SDK then you will find this exam as moderately easy and interesting.

Credential Overview:
The Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture program is designed for mobile architects and seasoned mobile developers who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities to assess customer mobile architecture; design secure, high-performance mobile solutions while leveraging the mobile platform and SDKs. In addition, they must be able to articulate technical mobile solutions to technical stakeholders; and provide mobile solutions across a variety of devices and degrees of connectivity.

About the exam:
Prerequisite: None
No. of questions: 65 (5 unscored questions in addition to the 60 scored questions)
Passing Score: 68%
Time allotted to complete the exam: 120 minutes

The Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the following objectives. A candidate should have hands-on experience with Integration Architecture application and demonstrate the knowledge and expertise in each of the areas below.

  • Mobile Strategy and Design
  • Mobile Security

Few questions were easy and straightforward but those questions are very less in numbers. You will find majority of questions that are complex but interesting. Every question will have a clue or point to arrive at the correct answer(s).


  1. Study Guide: Review the exam outline section in the study guide which describes architecture/design considerations, scenarios, etc.
  2. Trailhead: Go through the following trailhead modules. It will also help you to tackle few questions in the exam.
    • Develop with Mobile SDK
    • Visualforce Mobile
  3. Salesforce Resource Guides: Following are the topics that you must have an in-depth knowledge of before attempting the exam.
    • Salesforce1 vs HTML5 Web App vs Native vs Hybrid vs React Native
    • Offline Caching
    • Smartstore and Smartsync Capabilities
    • Push Notifications
    • Chatter Rest API for notification
    • OAuth 2.0 User-Agent vs Web-Server authentication flow
    • Visualforce and Lightning in mobile apps
    • Salesforce Communities and mobile apps
    • Role of Heroku in mobile apps
    • Service Cloud Snap-ins for Mobile Apps SDK
    • Salesforce Wear Developer Pack capabilities
    • Security controls available in each mobile architecture
    • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  4. Visualforce Performance: best practices
  5. Settings:
    • Connected App Settings
    • Offline Settings
    • Notification Settings
    • Salesforce1 Settings

Following Salesforce developer resources were helpful for me:

Tips: Take any of the new Architect Journey exam as more to get the knowledge than the certification credentials. Good Luck!

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